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makeup lessons


A one-to-one session in which you bring along your own products that we will explore alongside my professional

make-up kit to master a look of your choice.

I will show you application techniques and recommend the best products for your skin to achieve flawless,

long lasting makeup that you will feel confident reapply yourself.

Bridal Makeup Lesson (1.5 Hours) £100

Special Occasion Makeup Lesson (1 Hour) £80


This is the perfect opportunity to broaden your knowledge of the ever-changing beauty world!

The makeup party will take place at a location of your choice - perfect for a bridal party, a birthday

celebration or just an excuse to get you and your friends together.

A demo of the chosen look will be shown on one of you who volunteers to model in which I will explain each step of the look followed by a detailed explanation on the products and tools used in the process.

Minimum of 3 people per party £40 per person

If you would like to book in, please fill out the form on my contact page.

(Travel fees not included)

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